The forming of their minds and manners requiring a constant attention, and particular application to every single boy, which is impossible in a numerous flock.

Here, Locke explains why he is not in favor of sending boys away to school. At school a child cannot receive the individual attention that he requires. It is only at home, with a tutor, that he can receive this attention. There are several reasons why a child needs individual attention. First of all, in order to instill the principle of virtue, every one of the child's actions must be reacted to correctly. Obviously this is impossible if the child is one of a large group. In addition, the child cannot be forced to learn when he is not in the right mood. But in a large group, concessions cannot be made to each individual child's inclinations. Finally, education must be tailor-made to suit the particular character of each child. Obviously, in a large group no one child's temperament will be taken into account; instead a single curriculum is used for everyone.

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