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An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

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Suggested Essay Topics

Writing Help Suggested Essay Topics

Why does Hume conclude that we are not rationally justified in inferring causal connections in nature? Are you convinced?

Is our belief that the sun will rise tomorrow simply a matter of habit and constant conjunction? If so, is there any way we can distinguish that kind of knowledge from knowledge that we wouldn't normally associate with laws of nature?

What is the significance of probability to Hume's philosophy? How does he relate it to belief formation?

Sketch Hume's position on free will and determinism. How does he think they can be reconciled? Is his account convincing?

How does Hume's discussion of miracles relate to his broader empirical views of belief and justification?

What is the distinction between antecedent and consequent skepticism? What are the dangers of the extreme forms of both? How can they be moderated into a more useful form?

Why does Hume take such a negative position toward rationalist metaphysics?

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