Chief Dates in Pope's Life

chief dates in pope's life

1688 Born, May 21
1700 Moves to Binfield
1709 Pastorals
1711 Essay on Criticism
1711-12 Contributes to Spectator
1712 Rape of the Lock, first form
1713 Windsor Forest
1713 Issues proposals for translation of Homer
1714 Rape of the Lock, second form
1715 First volume of the Iliad
1715 Temple of Fame
1717 Pope's father dies
1717 Works, including some new poems
1719 Settles at Twickenham
1720 Sixth and last volume of the Iliad
1722 Begins translation of Odyssey
1725 Edits Shakespeare
1726 Finishes translation of Odyssey
1727-8 Miscellanies by Pope and Swift
1728-9 Dunciad
1731-2 Moral Essays: Of Taste, Of the Use of Riches
1733-4 Essay on Man
1733-8 Satires and Epistles
1735 Works
1735 Letters published by Curll
1741 Works in Prose; vol. II. includes the correspondence with Swift
1742 Fourth book of Dunciad
1742 Revised Dunciad
1744 Died, May 30
1751 First collected edition, published by Warburton, 9 vols.


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