1. Who is Shock?

2. At what time do “sleepless lovers” awake in this poem?

3. Who inspires Belinda’s dream in the first canto?

4. To what are Belinda’s eyes repeatedly compared?

5. To what do the four types of supernatural beings correspond?

6. What does Belinda wear around her neck?

7. Where is the party held?

8. Who wins the hand of ombre?

9. What beverage is served after the card game ends?

10. Who arms the Baron with a pair of scissors?

11. Who gets accidentally cut by the scissors?

12. Whither does Umbriel journey?

13. What does Thalestris think the Baron will do with the lock?

14. What effect does Sir Plume’s speech have on the Baron?

15. What happens to the lock of hair at the end of the poem?