Psychological Treatment

Effectiveness of Treatment

Summary Effectiveness of Treatment
Specific DisorderMost Effective Treatment
Panic disordersCognitive therapy
Specific phobiasSystematic desensitization
Obsessive-compulsive disorderBehavior therapy or medication
DepressionCognitive therapy
Post–traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobiaExposure treatment

Who Benefits from Treatment?

Clients who are likely to benefit from therapy share some common features:

  • Motivation to get better
  • Family support
  • Tendency to deal actively with problems rather than avoid them

Clients who are less likely to benefit from therapy also share some features:

  • Hostility and negativity
  • Personality disorders
  • Psychotic disorders

Can Therapy Be Harmful?

Under some conditions, therapy can be harmful to the client. Clients may be harmed if:

  • Therapists engage in unethical behavior, such as by having sexual relationships with clients
  • Therapists act according to personal prejudices or are ignorant of cultural differences between themselves and their clients
  • Therapists coerce clients into doing things they don’t want to do
  • Therapists use techniques that research has not demonstrated as being effective
  • Therapists lead their clients to produce false memories of past traumas through careless use of techniques such as hypnosis or free association

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