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In the play’s opening scene, why do the Roman soldiers fault Antony?

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What do Charmian and Iras do in order to foresee their futures?

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How does Antony react to the news of Fulvia’s death?

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Why does Caesar condemn Antony for abandoning Rome?

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Upon leaving Egypt, what does Antony send to Cleopatra as a gift?

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What solution does Agrippa propose to establish peace between Caesar and Antony?

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Why, according to the Soothsayer, should Antony leave Rome?

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How does Cleopatra react to the news that Antony has married Octavia?

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The triumvirs offer Pompey control of Sicily and Sardinia in exchange for what?

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How does Pompey react to Menas’s suggestion that they kill the Roman triumvirs and thereby make Pompey the most powerful man alive?

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Why does Ventidius refuse to push on into Parthia?

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When Cleopatra’s messenger brings word to his queen that Antony has married Octavia, she beats him severely. Later, though, she praises this same man for his good service. What brings about this change of heart?

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After arriving in Athens, why does Antony send Octavia immediately back to Rome?

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What does Cleopatra contribute to Antony’s battle with Caesar?

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How does Antony react to Cleopatra’s first flight from battle?

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How does Cleopatra repay Antony after leading him into a retreat?

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What does Antony request of Caesar after losing the battle to him?

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How does Antony react to the news of Caesar’s refusal to grant him permission to live in Egypt?

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On the night before his fight with Caesar, what sign of bad fortune do Antony’s soldiers encounter?

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How does Antony react to the news of Enobarbus’s desertion?

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How does Enobarbus react to Antony’s gift and well-wishes?

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What does Charmian suggest that Cleopatra do in order to quell Antony’s anger against her?

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Whom does Antony order to kill him?

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What does Caesar intend to do with Cleopatra after Antony’s death?

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How does Cleopatra kill herself?