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Upon arriving in an empty throne room, Warwick urges York to:

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Henry convinces York to allow him to do what with the throne:

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But York's son urge him to do what:

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Clifford encounters Rutland and what happens?

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When Margaret's forces meet York's, what happens?

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After their father is dead, what do Richard and Edward want?

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When Edward comes to ask Henry again if he will give him the throne, how does he respond?

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Henry watches the battle; what does he see?

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After this battle, who is king?

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What does Lady Gray ask Edward for?

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What does Edward propose to Lady Gray?

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Why is Warwick sent to France?

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Why does Margaret go to France?

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What happens when they discover Edward married Lady Gray?

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Are his brothers pleased with Edward's marriage?

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What does Richard decide he will do?

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When Warwick returns from France, who becomes king?

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But Edward is not out of the running for long. Why?

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Edward is content to stay Duke of York, but his followers urge him:

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What inevitably happens to Henry?

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The armies meet; who loses?

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What happens to Henry's son?

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What happens to Henry?

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Who has a son at the end of the play?

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Edward says that it's time to: