1. With whom do Evans and Shallow think Slender should be paired?

2. Does Anne Page like him? Why or why not?

3. What is Falstaff's plan?

4. Do Pistol and Nim go along with it?

5. Who claims to be in love with Anne Page?

6. Why is Caius mad at Evans, and what does he do?

7. When Mistress Page and Mistress Ford get Falstaff's letter, what do they think?

8. How do Page and Ford find out Falstaff's plans?

9. Ford's response to Falstaff's plan:

10. What is Page's response?

11. What does a disguised Ford ask Falstaff to do?

12. What happens to Evans and Caius's duel?

13. Who does Mistress Page favor as a husband for Anne Page?

14. Who does Page favor?

15. How does Falstaff sneak out of the house the first time he visits Mistress Ford?

16. Why has Page turned down Fenton's suit of marriage to Anne Page?

17. Mistress Page and Mistress Ford can't decide whether they more enjoy fooling Falstaff or:

18. How does Falstaff sneak out of Mistress Ford's house the second time?

19. What happens to him when he does this?

20. What happens when the wives reveal their scheme to their husbands?

21. What is their plan?

22. What else do Page and Mistress Page want to happen?

23. What is Falstaff's response to their plot?

24. Who marries Anne Page?

25. Where does everyone, including Falstaff, go at the end?

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