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Where is Pericles from?

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Why does he go to Antioch?

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What is the secret revealed by the riddle?

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Why does Pericles flee his home city?

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In Tarsus, Pericles saves the people from what problem?

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Pericles is shipwrecked because of a:

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He is aided on his journey to the tournament by:

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After the tournament Pericles and Thaisa:

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Pericles is called home–-what happens to the ship?

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On board the ship, Thaisa appears to:

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Pericles leaves Marina in:

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Pericles is called back home to prevent:

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Marina grows up, but there is a problem. What is it?

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Marina is saved from this fate by:

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When Marina arrives in Mytilene and starts working in a brothel, what happens?

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Pericles arrives in Tarsus and is told:

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Pericles is very upset so he:

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When Pericles arrives in Mytilene, the virtues of Marina are extolled by:

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Helicanus and Cerimon represent:

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Pericles rediscovers his lost wife at the temple of: