1. Where is Pericles from?

2. Why does he go to Antioch?

3. What is the secret revealed by the riddle?

4. Why does Pericles flee his home city?

5. In Tarsus, Pericles saves the people from what problem?

6. Pericles is shipwrecked because of a:

7. He is aided on his journey to the tournament by:

8. After the tournament Pericles and Thaisa:

9. Pericles is called home–-what happens to the ship?

10. On board the ship, Thaisa appears to:

11. Pericles leaves Marina in:

12. Pericles is called back home to prevent:

13. Marina grows up, but there is a problem. What is it?

14. Marina is saved from this fate by:

15. When Marina arrives in Mytilene and starts working in a brothel, what happens?

16. Pericles arrives in Tarsus and is told:

17. Pericles is very upset so he:

18. When Pericles arrives in Mytilene, the virtues of Marina are extolled by:

19. Helicanus and Cerimon represent:

20. Pericles rediscovers his lost wife at the temple of:

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