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The Story of an Hour

Kate Chopin

Character List

Characters Character List
Louise Mallard - A woman whose husband is reportedly killed in a train accident. When Louise hears the news, she is secretly happy because she is now free. She is filled with a new lust for life, and although she usually loved her husband, she cherishes her newfound independence even more. She has a heart attack when her husband, alive after all, comes home.

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Brently Mallard - Louise’s husband, supposedly killed in a train accident. Although Louise remembers Brently as a kind and loving man, merely being married to him also made him an oppressive factor in her life. Brently arrives home unaware that there had been a train accident.
Josephine - Louise’s sister. Josephine informs Louise about Brently’s death.
Richards - Brently’s friend. Richards learns about the train accident and Brently’s death at the newspaper office, and he is there when Josephine tells the news to Louise.