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Benjamin Walker on the Presidential Fandom, and the Sexypants New Nicholas Sparks Movie

You probably know Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, or sexypants Andrew Jackson. His latest bodacious role is as Travis in the new Nicholas Sparks movie, The Choice, which...


GET KISSED: Smoky Eyes to Lock Their Gaze and Barely Tinted Lips That Stay Soft and Kissable

First kisses! You only get one, right? NOPE. You get a first kiss for every person you ever end up smooching. That's right, it's different EVERY TIME you kiss someone new....


On Ghosting and Being Ghosted

Ghosting someone is not, contrary to popular belief, locking your friend in the bathroom and making them say “Bloody Mary” three times into the mirror. (Protip: summoning the Dark One...


The 8 Most Underrated Ships of All Time

Like any normal person, I've been known to unleash a veritable tsunami of happy tears because my favorite fictional characters started kissing. But for every relationship that overcomes five seasons' worth of...