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T-Swizzle Won ALL THE THINGS at the BMAs in This Week's Celeb Twitter Roundup!

We know Tay-tay is amazing, obvs, but thanks to this week's tweets from our fav celebs, we know they do too!...


Tributes, Put on Your Steak Shoulder Pads & Wooden Shoes: It's Time to Get Dressed for PANEM PROM!

IT'S STILL PROM SEASON, SPARKLERS. The toenails are still being painted, the boutonniere pins are still stabbing their unsuspecting wearers, and the Ghost of Promposals Past is still haunting this...


Auntie SparkNotes: My Crush Is in Another Country

Dear Auntie, I was really good friends with this guy (I still am) but the problem is that I didn't get the chance to stay in that country. I know...


Welcome to TSwift's EPIC "Bad Blood" Vid, Starring Her Limitless Supply of Badass Friends & Catwoman Costumes

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, T-Sweezy unleashed the flaming HD pixels of her "Bad Blood" music video right into our eyeballs—and Sparklers, the wall-smashing, high fashion, hotly-anticipated masterpiece was...



Hey there! I'm assuming if you clicked on this post you're interested in bringing Sparklife back! *cue Justin Timberlake's Bringing Sexy back* Anyway... I AM TOO... and so are a bunch of us! So with that...

Do You Hear the Sparklers?

*Sung to the tune of "Do You Hear The People sing" from Les Miserables. **All copyright rights go to Les Mis and the respected writers Do you hear the Sparklers sing? Singing a song of angry sparkles?...

Open Letter: Little Sister

Dear Little Sis, By the time you are capable of reading and understanding this - if you ever read this -I will probably be in my own house, and you will probably ignore me and use...

The Return of Sparksgiving

Listen up, y'all. Because it's only fifteen days away from November 30th, aka Sparksgiving Day. Now in case you weren't here around this time of year last year, you might not know what Sparksgiving is. Sparksgiving last...