1. What was the original name of Olympias?

2. What is the practice of arguing a point from either side, as taught by Aristotle to Alexander?

3. What was the name of Olympias's brother who succeeded to the throne of Epirus?

4. What alliance did Philip defeat at Chaeronea?

5. What was the name of the elite Theban group whom Alexander defeated at Chaeronea?

6. With whom did Alexander get into a public quarrel after he felt he had been called a bastard?

7. Where did Alexander's first battle with the Persians take place?

8. Which of the following was involved in the conspiracy against Darius?

9. Which exiled satrap adopted Alexander as a son?

10. How was Callisthenes related to Aristotle?

11. What was the only city in Phoenicia that opposed Alexander?

12. Where was Alexandria founded?

13. Alexander married the daughter of which one of the four Paraetacene barons?

14. Which Macedonian commander did Spitamenes defeat?

15. Where did Porus rule?

16. Why, officially, was Philotas executed?

17. Who of the following was not executed by Alexander's orders?

18. Whom did Alexander publicly murder in a drunken rage?

19. Which plundered city has become a key source for archaeological research?

20. Which satrap did Alexander reinstate despite having just fought against him at Gaugamela?

21. Who led the conspiracy that deposed Bessus?

22. Against which enemy did the Macedonians have to face elephants?

23. Who led the army that finally defeated Spitamenes?

24. What was the name of Alexander's heavy cavalry?

25. What was the official term for the leader of the Hellenic League?

26. How many times did Darius offer to make a peace settlement with Alexander?

27. Olympias was Philip's _______ wife.

28. If Alexander was poisoned, who are the parties most under suspicion?

29. What was the name of Alexander's horse?

30. In what capacity did Aristotle's father serve during a previous Macedonian king's reign?

31. Although he had several, which mythical hero did Alexander see as his ideal model?

32. Where did Alexander fight his first battle?

33. Which Greek city-state refused to participate in the Hellenic League?

34. What is another name for the Hellenic League?

35. Where was Olympias originally from?

36. Who tried to marry his or her daughter to Alexander's half-brother Philip Arrhidaeus?

37. Whose marriage to Philip gave Alexander reason for anxiety about his succession?

38. What famous Athenian orator stirred the most trouble against Macedonian authority?

39. What Greek mercenary leader commanded the defense of Halicarnassus?

40. When was Alexandria founded?

41. Who defended the nearly impenetrable wall at Persis?

42. What Sogdinian city was razed after following Spitamenes and revolting?

43. Which Indian ruler aligned himself with Alexander without a fight?

44. Whom did Alexander defeat in battle on the bank of the Hydaspes?

45. Whose death greatly saddened Alexander near the end of his own life?

46. What general finally gave voice to the desires of the Macedonian army to return home?

47. Against whom did Alexander fight his final battle?

48. Where did Alexander die?

49. In what Persian city did Alexander make his two famous decrees regarding exiles and deification?

50. In what year did Alexander make those decrees?

51. Which of the following cities did Alexander never raze?