1. Cromwell assumed what title in December 1653?

2. Why was Cromwell's marriage to Elizabeth Bourchier of importance to his career?

3. Which English monarch was beheaded in January 1649?

4. When Cromwell saw the beheaded Charles I on the scaffold, what is he reported to have remarked?

5. In what town was Cromwell born and raised?

6. From which social class did Cromwell hail?

7. What was Cromwell's military rank by the end of the English Civil War?

8. To which Protestant denomination did Cromwell belong?

9. Which sad event preceded Cromwell's death by a month?

10. What was the name of Cromwell's brother-in-law, who was also a pivotal figure in the English Civil War and Irish expedition?

11. Cromwell was first elected to Parliament in what year?

12. What was the nickname of the parliament that Cromwell dissolved in 1652?

13. What factor helped Cromwell in his rise to great political power in the 1650s?

14. What was NOT a driving factor in Cromwell's zeal to fight the Irish in 1649?

15. Above all things, what was Cromwell's main goal as Lord Protector?

16. What was Cromwell's opinion of the Levellers?

17. What was Cromwell's view of religious tolerance?

18. How many parliaments did Cromwell call to session as Lord Protector?

19. When Parliament was not in session, what was the main governing body outside of Cromwell?

20. Penruddock's Rebellion in 1655 was primarily an uprising of which faction?

21. Cromwell's life spanned which years?

22. Cromwell worked toward the unofficial re-entrance into England of which long- persecuted religious group?

23. What was the Western Design?

24. Under Cromwell's rule, which of the following were women forbidden to do?

25. What was the Humble Petition?

26. Why was Cromwell's education at Cambridge University cut short in 1617?

27. In the early 1650s, England was engaged in a war with which foreign power?

28. What was one reason that Cromwell had a difficult time getting the support of the landed gentry?

29. Which of the following was NOT a legal reform enacted by Cromwell's government?

30. How did the Barebones Parliament received its nickname?

31. What was done to Cromwell's grave after the Restoration of 1660?

32. How many children did Cromwell and his wife Elizabeth have?

33. Who was Thomas Beard?

34. Who were John Pym and John Hampden?

35. Cromwell's army differed from past English armies in what way?

36. What was a main reform that Cromwell favored for the Church of England?

37. Which proposal of the Humble Petition in 1657 caused Cromwell great anguish and indecision?

38. Why did Cromwell lead his army into Scotland in 1650?

39. The last major battle of the English Civil War was fought where?

40. Cromwell's regiment in the English Civil War, made up mainly from men from nearby his home county, was given what nickname?

41. Who succeeded Cromwell as Lord Protector in 1658?

42. What major event preceded and was a necessary step toward Cromwell's elevation to Lord Protector in December 1653?

43. In 1647, Cromwell surprised Parliament by joining with the New Model Army to protest which grievance?

44. Before the later months of 1648, Cromwell's view of the monarchy can best be described in what way?

45. How did Cromwell respond to Parliament's decision to try and execute King Charles I?

46. The original Council of State consisted of how many men?