1. Vinci is a village near what city?

2. Verrochio was most talented as what kind of artist?

3. What was the name of Leonardo's father?

4. What was the profession of Leonardo's father?

5. Leonardo was accused of what crime?

6. Leonardo explains his obsession with flight by talking about an experience he had with a bird as a young boy What kind of bird was it?

7. Which family ruled Florence during Leonardo's lifetime?

8. Ludovico Sforza was duke of what city?

9. Who was Lorenzo de Medici's favorite artist?

10. What kind of tree is prominent in Ginevra de Benci, serving as a visual pun?

11. What is the name for a painting which portrays an angel telling Mary about the Virgin birth?

12. Which of the following Leonardo paintings famously lacks halos?

13. The Lady with an Ermine was most likely a portrait of a mistress of which man?

14. What did Pacioli teach to Leonardo?

15. What does the nickname "Salai" mean?

16. According to Vasari, for whom did Leonardo make a mechanical Lion?

17. Which of the following inventions did Leonardo not in some way predict?

18. How many of Leonardo's designs for war machines seem to have been put into production?

19. Who was Leonardo's second-to-last patron?

20. Leonardo probably met Machiavelli when he was in whose service?

21. What was the name of Leonardo's mother?

22. Which of the following paintings was completed?

23. Which pope was in power when Leonardo came to live in the Vatican?

24. Which Medici was referred to as "the magnificent"?

25. What did Leonardo do to study anatomy?

26. In a convent, what is a refectory?

27. For his Last Supper, Leonardo chose what moment of the biblical Last Supper?

28. Which painting did Leonardo do two versions of?

29. In which of the following paintings did Leonardo include unusually realistic wings?

30. In which painting of Verrocchio's did Leonardo paint the leftmost angel?

31. In what region of Italy is Milan found?

32. Which of the following disgusted Leonardo?

33. Leonardo's attempts at flight were based on what?

34. The model for the giant statue of a horse was destroyed by what?

35. Leonardo said that he wanted "to write down what the soul was." This impulse led to which of his studies?

36. Leonardo's inventions tended to follow what principle?

37. When he was preparing to enter the service of Ludovico Sforza, Leonardo wrote a letter detailing his skills at what?

38. About what age was Leonardo when he began his apprenticeship?

39. Which of the following paintings did Leonardo take with him to France?

40. What is the Mona Lisa called in Italian?

41. How many years after Leonardo's death did Vasari write?

42. Whom was Leonardo's bronze horse meant to honor?

43. Which of the following probably helped tempt Leonardo to Milan?

44. Which of the following paintings is the most deteriorated?

45. Who was Leonardo's final patron?

46. Leonardo returned to Florence to fight for his share of whose inheritance?

47. In what year did Leonardo die?