1. Freud was born in the small town of Freiberg, Moravia, in which year?

2. Which best describes Freud's stance on religion?

3. What is the "illusion" to which Freud's The Future of an Illusion refers?

4. Which is the best colloquial English translation of the ego (das Ich) and the id (das Es)?

5. Why has Freud's case study of "Dora" been criticized?

6. Who was Freud's closest male friend during the 1890s?

7. Before inventing psychoanalysis, Freud made a name for himself in which field?

8. All of the following contributed to Freud's decision to leave science and start private practice in neurology EXCEPT:

9. Freud began to think seriously about hysteria after six months spent studying in Paris with which man?

10. In 1895, Freud and Josef Breuer had a book of case studies which contained the seeds of psychoanalysis. What was it called?

11. Which of the following was the title of Freud's first published attempt to use psychoanalysis as a way of understanding history?

12. The Vienna Psycho-Analytic Society was originally called what?

13. Freud's abandoned "seduction theory" claimed what?

14. What was the "Committee"?

15. Why did Jung split with Freud in 1913?

16. The Interpretation of Dreams is one of Freud's most popular and well- respected books. When was it published?

17. During the First World War, what did Freud do?

18. Freud was thrilled when he started to get more foreign followers, such as:

19. In 1923, Freud was diagnosed with which disease?

20. The authoritative English language Standard Edition of Freud's complete works was edited and translated by whom?

21. In Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Freud introduced which new and controversial theoretical concept?

22. Freud thought he could have been famous at a much earlier age if he had only continued to study which topic?

23. On March 12, 1938, an event occurred what event occurred that was to drastically affect the last year of Freud's life?

24. Why was Freud derided when he gave a presentation in front of a group of Viennese doctors in 1895?