1. In what year was Alexander Hamilton born?

2. Where was Hamilton born?

3. Who was Alexander Hamilton's mother married to before she gave birth to Alexander?

4. After his mother died in 1768, what did Alexander do?

5. Who recognized Hamilton's keen intellect and encouraged him to further his education?

6. Alexander first planned to attend what distinguished university in the American colonies?

7. What college did Hamilton actually attend?

8. Which general did Hamilton serve as an aide during most of the Revolutionary war?

9. What was Hamilton's rank during his four years as a military aide?

10. What was Hamilton's wife's maiden name?

11. Which name did Alexander Hamilton give to both his first and last sons?

12. After the Revolutionary War ended, what did Hamilton study to become?

13. Hamilton was one of the few delegates who actually attended a conference to amend the Articles of Confederation in which city?

14. Hamilton called for another convention to amend the Articles to take place in what city?

15. Who was Hamilton's major political opponent in New York in the 1780s?

16. At the Philadelphia Convention, what did many of the delegates believed Hamilton to be?

17. Unlike most Americans, Hamilton based much of his political ideology on the writings of which philospher?

18. Which political system did Hamilton believe to be the best in the world?

19. Which of these did Hamilton believe should be eliminated from the American political system?

20. When the drafting committee at the convention presented the new Constitution to all the delegates, what did Alexander Hamilton do?

21. To encourage Americans to ratify the Constitution, what work did Hamilton co- author?

22. What pseudoynm did Hamilton use in the Federalist Papers?

23. With whom did Hamilton collaborate to write the Federalist Papers?

24. While at the Philadelphia Convention, for how long a term did Hamilton propose that the President of the United States serve?

25. During the first presidential election in 1789, whom did Hamilton support?

26. After George Washington was elected the first President of the United States, to what position did he appoint Hamilton?

27. Who was Hamilton's primary political rival while serving in Washington's cabinet?

28. What political faction did Hamilton lead?

29. For how many years did Hamilton serve as the Secretary of the Treasury?

30. While serving as Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton fought for the creation of what body?

31. Hamilton encouraged Washington to gather troops from throughout the U.S. to crush a rebellion by what group?

32. While Secretary of the Treasury, what did Hamilton write?

33. In his report On the Subject of Manufactures, what does Hamilton argue?

34. How many people died during the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania?

35. In his first Report on the Public Credit, what does Hamilton argue?

36. Whom did Alexander Hamilton request Presidents Washington and Adams to send to London and Paris to negotiate peace treaties?

37. How did Alexander Hamilton's son Philip die?

38. In Washington's 1796 Farewell Address speech, what did he ask Americans to do?

39. Who became President and Vice President, respectively, in 1800?

40. When Washington was reinstated as the commander-in-chief of the U.S. military in 1798, what was Hamilton's rank?

41. To Hamilton's dismay, for what office did Aaron Burr choose in 1804?

42. Who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel?