1. Who were Henry VIII's parents?

2. Where was Henry's first wife born?

3. Henry needed which of the following to marry his brother's widow?

4. Henry's treatise Assertio Septem Sacramentorum, defended which of the following positions?

5. Sir Thomas More lost his head for which of the following offenses?

6. Henry signed the Treaty of Bruges with the Emperor Charles V in 1521 for which reason?

7. Henry's first wife was the mother of which future monarch?

8. Which act of Parliament declared Henry the Head of the Church of England?

9. The Act of Appeals effectively did which of the following?

10. Who became Henry's Viceregent in 1535?

11. The future King Edward VI was the son of which of Henry's many brides?

12. In 1528, Henry declared war on which relative of his wife Catherine of Aragon?

13. Henry gave himself which title in 1540?

14. Anne Askew was put to death in 1546 for which offense?

15. Henry's fifth wife was a niece of which political figure?

16. What were the Ten Articles?

17. Why did the Pope name Henry –Defender of the Faith"?

18. What years cover the span of Henry's life?

19. Who was Prince Arthur?

20. What was the –Pilgrimage of Grace"?

21. In Henry's time, the phrase Via Media, or –Middle Way", referred to which of the following?

22. Of the following individuals, who was NOT sentenced to death for religious reasons?

23. Henry's break with Rome fostered a new political climate in England animated by which principle?

24. Beginning in 1536, Henry's government began which major campaign throughout all of England?

25. Henry's reign began in which year?

26. Who was Jane Seymour?

27. Thomas Cromwell lost his head for which offense?

28. Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, was imprisoned in the Tower of London for which offense?

29. Which of Henry's ministers headed up the conservative, catholic faction in the Privy Council later in the reign?

30. Who were Sir Thomas Empson and Edmund Dudley?

31. Henry married Anne of Cleves for which major reason?

32. Who did Henry appoint as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533?

33. Why did Cardinal Thomas Wolsey lose his position as Lord Chancellor in 1529?

34. During his last year alive, Henry considered doing which of the following?

35. Under Henry's government, Protestant heresy was usually punished in what manner?

36. How many pf Henry's children became reigning monarchs of England?

37. What was the major social problem of Henry's reign?

38. What was the effective result of the 1533 Act of Appeals?

39. As a teenager, Henry was generally not permitted to do which of the following activities?

40. Who held Henry's hand as he passed away the night of his death?

41. Which of Henry's six wives were beheaded?

42. Henry met which European magnate on the Field of Cloth-of-gold in 1520?

43. Which French city did Henry's armies capture in 1544?

44. Anne Boleyn was the mother of which English monarch?

45. Who was Henry's most beloved wife?

46. In the early part of Henry's reign, who exercised the greatest amount of power over the government?

47. Unlike France and Spain, sixteenth century England was ruled by what form of government?

48. Which decision did Archbishop announce at his court at Dunstable in May 1533?

49. Which powers joined Henry in the alliance called the Holy League in 1511?

50. Which pope refused to grant Henry his divorce from Queen Catherine?