1. Where was Marry Harris born?

2. In 1905, Mother Jones participated in the founding of which radical organization?

3. Where did Mary Harris work as a dressmaker?

4. Which of the following historical events did Mother Jones NOT experience?

5. What was the term used to describe the late nineteenth-century in American history?

6. Where and how did Mother Jones lose all of her children and her husband?

7. What event led to the conviction and execution of four anarchist leaders?

8. With what leftist paper was Mother Jones involved?

9. When did the Haymarket Tragedy occur?

10. Which union leader met with President Roosevelt during the anthracite strike?

11. What was the result of the Anthracite Strike of 1902?

12. Where was the Western Federation of Miners based?

13. Who was in the "broom and mop" brigades?

14. What was the purpose of the "broom and mop" brigades?

15. Who was the owner of the anthracite mines?

16. Why was the strike in West Virginia in 1902 unsuccessful?

17. What percentage of miners walked out on strike in Colorado in 1903?

18. Why did the strike in Colorado between 1903 and 1904 not succeed?

19. When did Mother Jones first resign from her position in the UMW?

20. Which of the following was NOT a reason for Mother Jones' resignation from the UMW?

21. Who was the leader of US Steel in 1919?

22. What improvements in workers' lives came from the steel strike of 1919?

23. Where did Mother Jones march with child workers?

24. Where were the children in Mother Jones's Children's March employed?

25. Which political party did Mother Jones work for?

26. What radical Mexican group did Mother Jones support in the 1900s?

27. When was the Diaz government in Mexico overthrown?

28. Where did the cheapest coal come from in 1911?

29. What kind of business strategies did Rockefeller embark upon after the Colorado Coal War emphasize?

30. What was the name of the free town in West Virginia where Mother Jones held meetings?

31. On which tent colony in West Virginia did mine operators open fire?

32. Which of the following were not demands made by Colorado workers in 1913?

33. What weapons did mine guards often use against strikers?

34. Who was President Wilson most angry with during the Colorado Coal War?