1. In what year was Washington born?

2. What was the name of Washington's mother?

3. What was the name of Washington's wife?

4. What important event happened in Washington's life in 1743?

5. Who was Edmond Genêt?

6. Who was Washington's first Secretary of State?

7. Who commanded the British Army in America during the first part of the Revolutionary War?

8. What was the name of Washington's estate?

9. How many children did Washington have?

10. What was the name of Washington's father?

11. Who was king of Britain during the Revolutionary War?

12. What battle effectively ended the Revolutionary War?

13. What year did Washington retire from the presidency?

14. What did Washington hope to build?

15. What year did Washington's army spend at Valley Forge?

16. What family helped Washington begin his military career?

17. What treaty did the United States sign with Britain in 1794?

18. What did the treaty with Britain in 1794 include?

19. What unusual thing did Washington do in his will?

20. Whom did Washington appoint as Secretary of War in 1789?

21. Where did Washington travel outside of the United States?

22. What fort did the British capture from the French in 1758?

23. What city now sits on the site of the French fort captured in 1758?

24. Why was Washington reluctant to attend the Constitutional Convention?

25. Where did America win its first major battle in the Revolutionary War?

26. How did Washington earn a living?

27. Why did Washington support Hamilton's financial plan?

28. What year did Washington inherit Mount Vernon?

29. What did Pinckney's Treaty do?

30. Who led Washington against the French in 1755?

31. Which one of these was not a branch of the federal government as created by the Constitution?

32. Why was Washington considered an idiot in Britain in 1754?

33. Why did Washington and his mother have a strained relationship?

34. What treaty ended the Revolutionary War?

35. Who commanded the French Army in America?

36. What potential revolt did Washington prevent in 1783?

37. Who among the following did not succeed Washington in the office of the president?

38. What crop did Washington not attempt to grow on Mount Vernon?

39. Who was Washington's role model as a young man?

40. What notable thing did Washington do at the Second Continental Congress?

41. What was Wasington's greatest fear during his second term as president?

42. What did Washington issue in 1793?

43. To what early political group did Jefferson belong?

44. What did Washington build in 1754?

45. Where was Washington inaugurated as President in 1789?

46. What were the London-based merchants who bought crops and sold goods to Virginia planters called?

47. Why was Washington's support of the Constitution so important?

48. What were the names of Martha Washington's children?

49. Who was Washington's Vice President?

50. Who led a short-lived movement to replace Washington as commander of the Continental Army?