1. The arrival of which ship helped save the Massachusetts Bay colony during the first winter?

2. Winthrop served as lawyer in which royal court?

3. Which King broke with the Roman Catholic Church?

4. Massachusetts Bay warred with which Indian tribe?

5. After being banishing from Massachusetts Bay Roger Williams fled to which New England settlement?

6. Which Massachusetts Bay colony hired Roger Williams as pastor, much to Winthrop's dismay?

7. How many settlers died during the winter of 1630–1631?

8. What was the name of Anne Hutchinson's brother-in-law, whomher supporters tried to elect to the Boston church?

9. Under whose reign did Winthrop leave England?

10. Where did Winthrop study law?

11. After how many years of college was Winthrop married to Mary Forth?

12. In which order was Winthrop married?

13. Which colony did Winthrop's son, John, Jr., eventually govern?

14. Winthrop's grandfather sold what before he bought the Groton estate?

15. Who beat Winthrop for governor in 1634?

16. Winthrop House at Harvard College is named for which founder of the Massachusetts Bay colony?

17. The Massachusetts Bay Charter lacked what important detail?

18. Winthrop and his fellow emigrants landed at which settlement in 1630?

19. What prompted Winthrop to move to Boston?

20. Anne Hutchinson's beliefs threatened which Puritan belief?

21. Which document became the legal code for the Massachusetts Bay colony?

22. On the crossing to New England, the settlers worried about which disease?

23. When he left for the New World, Winthrop and his wife agreed to think of each other at what time of day?

24. Which body governed the Massachusetts Bay colony?

25. By precedent, which group of settlers were prohibited from holding office?

26. Anne Hutchinson believed that ministers were possessed by what?

27. Which sermon by Winthrop laid out his religious beliefs for the colony?

28. Which early settler did Winthrop hold up a model for his fellow Puritans when they landed in 1630?

29. Winthrop was born in the same year as which major event?

30. The Puritans believed which church to be corrupt?

31. What event caused Winthrop to reproach the leader of Salem?

32. Nearby Plymouth was governed by which man?

33. Why did a group of settlers raise opposition to Winthrop's governorship in 1640?

34. Roger Williams arrived on which ship?

35. How many settlers arrived in June 1630?

36. Which group of legislators tried to "save" England from ruin in the 1620s?

37. How many founders voted against Winthrop as governor in 1629?

38. Which Catholic sympathizer succeeded Elizabeth I as king of England?

39. Under Arminianism what could people do?

40. In the 1620s Winthrop served as what?

41. Which of the following was not a sin in the Puritan faith?

42. Original sin refers to what?

43. Winthrop attended which college?

44. Winthrop served as governor for how many years?

45. Winthrop debated which preacher after the preacher declared that the Catholic Church and the Church of England were "true" churches?

46. Winthrop wrote which book while in Massachusetts Bay?

47. Winthrop oversaw what aspect of the Groton estate starting at age eighteen?

48. What almost forced Winthrop into bankruptcy in the 1640s?

49. How many fled the colony in the spring of 1631?