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5 Extremely Important Book Scenes That Were Left Out of the Movie

There’s something to be said for watching a movie adaptation without first reading the book. I like to think I’m a fun, easygoing sort of person, but then I’ll watch a movie adaptation of a book I really love and I’ll realize I am actually obnoxious, nit-picky, pedantic, and the worst person alive.

Now, not every scene from a book is going to make it to the movie, and I can accept that. Some scenes are cut for time—others just don’t translate well from page to screen. But! However! Sometimes important scenes are removed for who knows what reason, and the rest of us are left wondering what genius got their hands on the script and said, “You know that super necessary scene? You know, the one that makes everything make sense? What if—stay with me on this—what if we left it out completely?”

Not sure what I’m talking about? Here are just a few examples.

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