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7 Classic Novels We Know We Shouldn’t Hate (But Secretly Do)

Have you ever hated something but felt like you couldn’t tell anybody because everyone else seems to love the thing you hate? I feel that way about ice cream, which at this point I’ve just accepted as a deeply embarrassing personality flaw. (I wish I liked it! I curse my taste buds daily! Have you ever had to look someone in the eye and tell them you don’t like ice cream? It’s harrowing!)

This is as true for books as it is for inexplicably popular frozen treats. We all have at least one book we hate even in the face of overwhelming opposition, and we will continue to hate this book (or books) until the day we die.

Now, you know which books you hate, and I know which books I hate, but here’s what we don’t yet know: are we normal? Are there others out there like us? Do people hate the same books we do? It seemed like a question worth asking, and so I began my investigation. (By “began my investigation,” I mean “badgered everyone I knew until they coughed up a suitable book that I could use for this article.”) Let’s begin!