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7 Things YA Authors Always Get Wrong About Being in High School

Books, movies, and TV shows about high school are the greatest. I don’t want to BE in high school anymore, necessarily, but did someone say “a story where the quirky thespian girl has a crush on the emotionally stunted jock but doesn’t realize her inexplicable stud of a childhood best friend has been in love with her all along”? Sign me up.

Here’s the thing, though—a lot of these stories about teens are being written by adults who haven’t been teens in a good long while. The result: we wind up getting stories that are inaccurate NOT ONLY because everyone looks 25 and nobody ever has to charge their iPhone, but also because adult writers have no idea what it’s like to be in high school nowadays. Their version of high school is basically just their best approximation. Here are some of the things adults apparently believe to be true of high school.

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