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Give Us Your Required Reading and We’ll Tell You What Movie You Should Watch While You’re Procrastinating

Once again it’s August (the Sunday of summer), and we’re all coming to terms with harsh realities. The most troubling of these is that school is starting soon, and every single one of us wasted three months doing nothing (if singlehandedly eating a family-sized box of Pop-Tarts in one sitting can be considered nothing).

Here at SparkNotes, we’ve got all the resources you need to finish your summer reading in a timely fashion—including expanded literary guides, videos, even the full text of classic novels—yet here you are procrastinating. And you know what? I respect that. We gave you everything you needed to succeed, and you said, “I’ll do it when I’m good and ready.” Absolute power move. 

Since you’d rather put off your homework than do it, we can help you with that, too. Tell us what you’re supposed to be reading, and we’ll tell you what movie you should watch while you’re sitting there pretending everything is fine, even as the first day of school looms ominously closer.

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