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We’ve Got Everything You Need To Ace Online Classes & Beat Boredom While You’re Social Distancing

If you’re a teacher, click here for brand new resources that will help make it easier to teach online classes and keep your students engaged.

We know that this year isn’t going like you thought it would. Normally, you’d be going to school, seeing your friends, and trying to get your crush’s attention by flirtatiously throwing SourPatch Kids at the back of their head (note: if this strategy doesn’t work, try throwing a bigger candy). But because of coronavirus, you’re trapped at home, subsisting entirely on Pop Tarts and scrolling dejectedly through Netflix before deciding to watch The Office for the 98th time (we can’t judge you because we ARE you). You’ve gone from being surrounded by people to being by yourself, from having a reassuring routine to floating aimlessly through an unstructured day. Stuff you were looking forward to may have been cancelled or postponed, and you might be feeling anxious and frustrated and depressed. If you are, you’re not alone; we’re feeling the same anxiety and sadness that you are.

One thing you can be sure of amid all the uncertainty is that we’re here for you. If you’re bored and want a hilarious way to waste time, visit our blog. If you’re feeling lonely and isolated, come say hi on Instagram (but brace yourself: we only reply in all-caps and we’re definitely going to call you “old sport”).” If you want to take a break from reality and relax your brain, check out these adorable coloring sheets from famous artists Millie Marrota and Lulu Mayo. And if you’re taking online classes and need help understanding your assignments—or if you’re teaching online classes and need inspiration for lesson plans—you’ve come to the right place. We hope the resources below make school a little easier, and we want you to know that even when things feel overwhelming, you can always count on us.

Check out these resources…

No Fear Shakespeare translations for all of the Bard’s most famous plays, and No Fear Literature for famous classics like The Scarlet Letter, A Tale of Two Cities, and more 

Full texts for over 30 books, including…

Pride and Prejudice


Portrait of Dorian Gray

The Importance of Being Earnest

Wuthering Heights

Brand new lit guides for Americanah and The Hate U Give

New Key Questions and Answers sections for our most popular lit guides (check out The Great Gatsby‘s here)

Video SparkNotes for 24 books, including To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo & Juliet, and more

The perfect study break distraction: Awesome free coloring sheets from Millie Marrota and Lulu Mayo

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