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QUIZ: Which Dystopian Society Are You From, The Hunger Games or Divergent?

Tris, Four, and all of our favorite initiates (and Peter, ugh) are finally ready to scale the giant, mysterious wall in The Divergent Series: Allegiant. Spoiler alert: It’s not the kinda place you’ll see on a travel billboard, if you catch our drift.

Even though there have been comparisons galore, things are still distinguishable between the Divergent series world and its predecessor in post-apocalyptic-ness, The Hunger Games. The main thing they really have in common is that they’re both pretty fail for at least some members of their societies—and freedom is anything but free.

We know you’ve always secretly wondered (same!), so let’s find out which of the two societies is a better fit for you… and let’s also hope that it never ever comes to that.

Think of a number between 1 and 20…. Is it:
A. A digit between 1-10?
B. In the range of 11-20?

What truly defines someone’s personality and spirit?
A. What goes on in their heads, even if they never say it or actually act on those thoughts. I’m all about mind over matter, ya’ll.
B. As they say, actions speak way louder than words. People can think what they want, but it’s what they do that really characterizes them.

Which of these political systems is more desirable?
A. DEMOCRACY: I’m all about a complete equality of voice, where we all have the same weight of say because every opinion matters on everything.
B. MONARCHY/DICTATORSHIP: It might sound harsh, but central leadership is the most effective way to work the long game. Sure, we should all get to have a hand in picking out the wisest/fittest/most agreeable leader for our group, but then he or she should get the final word on all the major decisions. (In case you haven’t noticed, not everyone can be accused of making the right choices.)

Which is your favorite method of long-distance land travel?
A. By high-speed train, chugga chugga! I like to keep things grounded.
B. I’m all about getting some air, so I’ll let a plane take me there.

What’s the real ~purpose~ of a door?
A. To keep people/things IN, obviously.
B. Yeah … I definitely think they’re meant to keep others OUT.

How should a society’s resources be divided?
A. Everyone should get an equal slice of that delicious pie no matter what they do or where they live.
B. TBH, there are always gonna be the haves and the have nots. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

When it comes to jobs, which is the better way to dole out all the responsibilities?
A. Everyone should be able to pick which gig suits them best based on their own interests and abilities because I’m into choice.
B. It’s pretty practical to just go ahead and divvy up the duties based on what people grow up around. It’s what they’ll know best!

Tally up your letters and see which fictional badlands you’re really from!

Mostly As – Divergent: You definitely fall into the faction fiasco that is the Divergent world because you’re all about playing to individuals’ inner strengths and *trying* to keep things equal for everyone, in theory. The downside of this is that in order for this kinda system to work, people have to be highly regulated and judged by their mindsets rather than the way that they behave, which is the slipperiest slope.

Mostly Bs – The Hunger Games: Hide all the children because you belong somewhere between the Capital and District 13 (sorry!). For the sake of convenience, you’re OK with handing the reins over—even if it ends up being to a tyrant, yikes. Your idea of people fighting to earn what they get is all well and good until it means some people are basically born into a lesser stratum and have no chance at the finer things, womp.

Are there other dystopian societies that fit you better?