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Shakespeare Quotes That Would Make Hilarious Titles for Your Memoir

I’m thinking about writing a memoir. No, I haven’t done anything of note, recently or ever, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about what I would call said memoir (Whoops, My Bad: An Autobiography) and how it would be received by the critics (extremely poorly).

I don’t think I’m alone in this. We all have stories to tell. But if you want your book to sell, you’ve got to have a fantastic title. And to do that, you have to pull from Shakespeare. No, really. That’s where the money is. Look at Infinite Jest, Brave New World, and The Fault in Our Stars. They all got their names from Shakespeare quotes, and they all made at least a handful of money, I’m guessing.

But how are you supposed to title your memoir something that’s both relatable and Shakespearean? Try these on for size.

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