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Writing a Paper on The Scarlet Letter? Here’s Your Custom Thesis Topic

If you are here, it’s because you finished The Scarlet Letter. First, congratulations—you just got through a forty+ page introduction, thirty mentions of scaffolds, unnecessarily long descriptions of woodland creatures, and the insufferable entirety of Arthur Dimmesdale. (Somewhere in there was some superb humor and poignant commentary, I swear.)

Now, presumably, you’re being asked to write an essay about it. Rough, but don’t worry, we’ve got you. Half the battle of paper-writing is actually choosing a topic and coming up with a coherent thesis that you’re actually interested in. (The other half is finessing a twenty-four hour marathon at the library with only two meal swipes to your name. You can do this.)

Before you choose a topic that suits your headspace, here are some links to the good stuff: The Scarlet Letter SparkNote, No Fear Lit version with side-by-side translations, a handful of quizzes, and a chapter-by-chapter blog of the entire book. ✨

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