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What color hat does Mommy want?

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What is Grandma's pseudonym in the baking contest?

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Which of the following is blind?

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What does Daddy aspire to become these days?

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What does Mrs. Barker not do while in Mommy's apartment?

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Where does Mommy think Grandma got the word "hedgehog"?

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When did Mommy and Daddy last see Mrs. Barker?

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Which of the following body parts does the "bumble of joy" not lose?

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How does Daddy try to prove his masculinity?

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What distinguishes Mrs. Barker's husband?

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How old is Grandma?

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Which organization does Mrs. Barker not volunteer for?

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Who does Mrs. Barker consider the country's chief proponent of Woman Love?

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Whose mother died at their birth?

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What object is Mrs. Barker in the habit of receiving in "the literary sense"?

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How many glasses does the Young Man bring from the kitchen?

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Why is it impossible that the van man took Grandma away?

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According to Grandma, what is missing from Mommy's imitation of her speech?

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Where is Grandma when Mommy and Daddy hear her whimpering?

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According to Grandma, why did Mommy bring her into the apartment?

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What did Grandma dream of becoming?

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Who hoots like an owl in the course of the play?

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Who steps on Grandma's boxes?

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What play earned Edward Albee a Tony award?

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The original production of The Zoo Story, Albee's breakthrough work, shared a bill with what play?