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How is Dionysus related to Pentheus?

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Why does Dionysus return to Thebes?

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How was Dionysus born?

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What do the maenads wear?

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At the start of the play, what does Tiresias ask Cadmus to do?

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What is Dionysus's primary attribute according to Tiresias?

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How does the Stranger (Dionysus) respond to his arrest?

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What is the first thing Pentheus wants to do to his prisoner Dionysus?

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According to Dionysus what character trait is responsible for Pentheus's ignorance and inability to see the divinity of Dionysus?

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After Dionysus's imprisonment what is the first disaster to strike the palace?

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What is the first illusion Pentheus suffers in the hands of Dionysus?

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According to the cowherd, what were the bacchants doing when he first saw them?

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According to the cowherd, what comes out of the ground when the bacchants strike it?

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According to the cowherd what do the bacchants plan to do when they find out he is spying on them?

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What is the one forest creature closely associated with the bacchants?

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How does Dionysus finally tempt Pentheus?

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What disguise must Pentheus wear when he leaves the city with Dionysus?

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As Pentheus leaves the city, what does he see Dionysus turn into?

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What act does Pentheus's imagination dwell upon when he is about to spy on the bacchants?

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How does Pentheus become vulnerable to the bacchants?

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What are Pentheus's last words?

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What does Agaue proudly think she is carrying into the city?

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How does Agaue recognize her prey?

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What does Dionysus ordain for Cadmus?

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What does Dionysus ordain for Agaue?