What is significant about the Old Man's story about May as a baby in the cattle field?


How do the differences in May and Eddie's versions of their story reveal aspects of their character?


When do we first realize the true nature of Eddie and May's relationship? Does their blood relation change the nature of their obsession with each other?


Why is the Countess important to the story even though she does not appear on stage? How would the play change if she came in the door? Is she a realistic or symbolic element of the play? What effect does she have on the tone of the play?


How does the setting of the play contribute or detract from the themes of the play?


What is the function of the character Martin? How does his presence contribute to our understanding of the other characters?


What does Shepard mean by the title, Fool for Love?


What does the play say about parental and sibling relationships? Do you agree with Shepard's point of view?


Could May and Eddie choose to break the patterns of their parents' lives or do they lack free will?


What do you think happens to the characters after the play ends?


Have you ever been obsessed with something or felt you had to repeat a mistake even though you knew it was wrong? Why did you do what you did? Would you do it again? Why or why not?