You keep comin' up here with this lame country dream life with chickens and vegetables and I can't stand any of it.

Throughout the years Eddie has continuously presented May with the hope of fulfilling his dream of living together in their trailer. May has tried this life with Eddie and it never rises to Eddie's expectations. May sees the harsh reality within the fantasy of Eddie's dream. She would rather work hard, make an honest living, and prove her independence. May would rather have someone by her side whom she can trust will stay with her than have Eddie some of the time. Her dream is more concrete and reality driven whereas Eddie, who believes in the fantasy that he can have May and the Countess at the same time wants to believe that if May and Eddie just followed his dream, everything would work out well. Eddie left May alone the last time they lived in the trailer. Eddie sees the dream of subsistent farming as a fulfilling way to prove his manhood by providing for May. However, his fantasy is simply that. Eddie would not really be content living alone with May in the country.