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May lives in what kind of room?

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Why does Eddie comes to see May?

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What does the Old Man drink?

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What elements contribute to the surrealism of the play?

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Eddie and May have known each other

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Eddie thinks a man should be

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What does May do for a living?

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Who does the Old Man think he sees on the wall?

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Eddie owns what kind of animals?

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Who makes May jealous?

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What do Eddie and May decide to call themselves before Martin arrives?

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May and Eddie are which of the following?

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What does Martin do for a living?

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Fool For Love is based on a part of whose life?

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What is the story about that the Old Man tells to May?

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What does May do after kissing Eddie?

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Who did the Old Man father?

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What kind of car does the Countess drive?

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Eddie takes after his father because of which of the following?

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What did Eddie's mother do when she found out about May's mother?

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What does May remember her mother doing?

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Martin allows Eddie to do which of the following?

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Where does Eddie promise May a new life?

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What is the Old Man's reaction to May's story?

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May and Eddie argue about

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What does the Countess shoot and burn?