Look at O'Neill's stage directions. How are they important to one's reading of the play?

Describe the language of Senator Queen's speech. What specific imagery and phrases might appeal to Yank? Why?

In your opinion, does Yank finally find a sense of "belonging"? Is "belonging" possible? How does Yank define "belonging"? Does this change throughout the text?

Mildred Douglas' father is said to work for two different steel companies. Why do you suppose O'Neill added this detail? How does is comment thematically?

How might the Transatlantic Liner be representative of a specific worldview?

How do characters feel about Hell? Pick two characters and compare their views on hell and how this is indicative of their class status.

Why would O'Neill describe Paddy as "extremely monkey-like"? What does this say about Paddy's character and history?