1. Which best describes Yank's job aboard the ship?

2. Which Fireman talks about Marxist ideas?

3. Where was Yank born?

4. What kinds of stores do the men notice on 5th Avenue?

5. Why are Mildred and her Aunt travelling together?

6. What upsets Yank when he hears a tenor yearningly sing "about a lass at home?"

7. What Rodin statue does Yank occasionally resemble?

8. What animal does Mildred compare herself to?

9. What color is the dress the Mildred wears into the stokehole?

10. Why does Yank become infuriated at the whistle-blower in Scene Two?

11. Why does Mildred go down into the Stokehole?

12. What does Mildred tell the Second Engineer she'll do with her dress after she wears it into the stokehole?

13. What does Yank make the Gentlemen miss?

14. What does Yank tell the other inmates he is?

15. Whose speech is read aloud by in the cellblock?

16. How are the Wobblies described in the speech read by Yank's inmate?

17. What political tactics does The Secretary endorse?

18. Why does the prison guard blast water at Yank?

19. What does I.W.W. stand for?

20. Why does Yank knock on the door of the I.W.W.?

21. What is Yanks real name?

22. What does Yank tell the I.W.W. he will do for them?

23. Why does the Secretary throw Yank out?

24. What does Yank admire about the ape?

25. What is the "stokehole?"

26. How does Yank describe his parents?

27. How does Yank describe Hell?

28. What does Yank notice when he spends the night in the battery?