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The dramatic movement Ionesco helped launch in 1950s France was called the Theatre of the ____:

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What does "Boeuf" mean in French?

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Who is Berenger's rival for Daisy?

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Who claims he never dreams?

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What staple of logic does the Logician teach the Old Gentleman?

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What philosopher greatly influenced the existentialists with his formula "existence precedes essence"?

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What is a recurring problem of Berenger's?

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Who is Berenger's boss?

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What does the second rhinoceros trample?

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Ionesco said he wrote the play as a direct response to what group?

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Whose plays does Jean recommend Berenger see?

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Why does the office call the Fire Department?

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What breed were the first two rhinos?

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Who is a rising star in Berenger's office?

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What media outlet do the rhinos take over?