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Why is Andrea not allowed to cross the river Acheron when he first arrives?

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Which of the three judges of the underworld suggests that Andrea go see Pluto and Proserpine?

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The king decides that Balthazar will stay at whose house?

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The Viceroy is the ruler of what country?

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Horatio's masque in Act I, scene iv dramatizes the triumphs of which country over both Portugal and Spain?

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What did Bel-Imperia give to both her lovers (Horatio and Andrea)?

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Identify the rhetorical device used in the following passage: "Bel-Imperia: Your prison then belike is your conceit. Balthazar: Ay, by conceit my freedom is enthralled. Bel-Imperia: Then with conceit enlarge yourself again. Balthazar: What if conceit have laid my heart to gage? Bel-Imperia: Pay that you borrowed and recover it.

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In the passage from the previous question, what does the word "conceit" most nearly mean?

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How does Pedringano know about Bel-Imperia's love for Horatio?

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Horatio is killed by Lorenzo, Balthazar, and who else?

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Lorenzo sends a young page to Pedringano's execution with a box. What does Pedringano think is in this box, and what is actually in it?

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Who says the following words: "Vindicta mihi! Ay, heaven will be revenged of every ill, Nor will they suffer murder unrepaid: Then stay, Hieronimo, attend their will, For mortal men may not appoint their time."

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How many people come to visit Hieronimo in Act III, scene xiii?

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"Nor aught avails it me to menace them, Who, as a wintry storm upon a plain, Will bear me down with their nobility." Who is the speaker, and to whom does the word "them" refer?

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What does Isabella do before she kills herself?

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What does Hieronimo use to kill himself and Don Cyprian at the end of the play?