1. Why does Strepsiades wake up in the middle of the night?

2. What is Pheidippides's expensive hobby?

3. Who wanted to name Pheidippides after horses?

4. What does Strepsiades think the sophists consider the sky?

5. What are the students at the "Thinkery" studying when they bend over?

6. When Strepsiades asks Pheidippides to change his expensive ways, by whom does he swear first?

7. By whom does Pheidippides swear second?

8. What insects does the Student say that Socrates and Chaerephon are studying?

9. According to Socrates, who causes the rain?

10. What does Socrates steal from Strepsiades?

11. In the "parabasis," the Chorus speaks on behalf of Aristophanes, calling him what?

12. What does Socrates call a male chicken?

13. What does Socrates call a female chicken?

14. What does Socrates call a female trough?

15. Where does Socrates demand that Strepsiades go in order to properly think and philosophize?

16. When he is fresh out of the "Thinkery," what is the first argument Pheidippides has?

17. What does Strepsiades demand of the First Creditor?

18. What does Strepsiades ask the Second Creditor?

19. Whom does Pheidippides beat?

20. What does Strepsiades wish to hear recited at dinner?

21. How does Strepsiades take his revenge?

22. What two philosophers reside at the "Thinkery"?

23. Who helps Strepsiades burn down the school?

24. The Athenians based their calendar on what natural occurrence?

25. Just and Unjust Argument debate over what?


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