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Who is Orestes's father?

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There is a statue of whom in the public square?

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Why does Electra believe Orestes will return to Argos?

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Why didn't the Argives attempt to stop Agamemnon's murder?

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What did the gods do after Agamemnon's murder?

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Why does Orestes say his Tutor's teachings harmed him?

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Orestes complains about which of the following?

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The Argives want to atone for each of the following except

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The first thing Electra tells Orestes is that she is

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Jupiter is the king of everything except

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Which of the following does Electra say keeps her going?

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The Argives fear everything except

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Electra offends everyone at the Dead Man's Day ceremony by

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In her dreams, what does Electra pictures Orestes as?

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What does Jupiter do when Orestes asks the gods for a sign that he should leave Argos?

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Jupiter tells Aegistheus that they were both doomed by

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Orestes tells Aegistheus that justice is something to be determined by whom?

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How does Orestes say he found his freedom?

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What do the Furies NOT want to do to Orestes and Electra?

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Electra blames her sins on whom?

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Orestes regrets which of the following?

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According to Orestes, where or when does human life begin?

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Jupiter comforts Electra by telling her that…

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According to Jupiter, what is Orestes's relation to Nature?

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When he leaves Argos, what does Orestes NOT take with him?