1. Which tariff upset the Cuban sugar economy in the mid 1890s?

2. Which Spanish colony did the Spanish-American War erupt over in 1898?

3. Which general set up concentration camps in Cuba?

4. The Cuban nationalist group fighting the Spanish were called the:

5. Which president promised to do everything in his power to stop a Spanish- American War?

6. Hearst's brand of journalism was known as what kind journalism?

7. What was Frederic Remington's profession?

8. Which American ship exploded in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898?

9. This Spanish minister to Washington wrote a letter which insulted McKinley, and was intercepted by Hearst's newspaper.

10. Who was Hearst's major business competitor?

11. Who said the following: "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war"?

12. Who was Assistant Secretary of the Navy during the first part of the McKinley administration?

13. Which Democrat was McKinley's archrival in presidential elections?

14. This legislation promised that the US would grant Cuba independence rather than annex it.

15. Theodore Roosevelt gave an order for a surprise naval attack against the Spanish fleet in the waters off which Spanish colony? (The attack happened on May 1, 1898)

16. Who commanded the attack at the Battle of Manila?

17. Who wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History?

18. Emilio Aguinaldo was a:

19. The US acquired island colonies mainly to serve as what?

20. In 1898, this island was annexed, but it did not belong to Spain previously.

21. While the US Asiatic Squadron was anchored in Manila harbor, the Navy of which nation harassed them?

22. This US Army general commanded the ground invasion of Cuba. He was so fat and ill his men carried him around on a door.

23. Who had overall command of the Rough Riders?

24. The Rough Riders are famous for winning which battle in Cuba?

25. Which of the following statements about the Rough Riders is FALSE?

26. This artist painted a famous picture of the charge up San Juan Hill:

27. About how many American soldiers died during the war because of Spanish bullets?

28. About how many US soldiers died due to disease during the Spanish-American War?

29. This Spanish admiral wanted to surrender, but was forced to fight on:

30. The Spanish fleet was:

31. US warships had what advantage over the Spanish ships?

32. Which agreement ended the Spanish-American War in 1898?

33. How big was the indemnity the US paid Spain in exchange for the Philippines?

34. What religion were most Filipinos in 1898?

35. Which businessman advised McKinley from behind-the-scenes?

36. Which literary luminary was a member of the Anti-Imperialist League?

37. Most of the pro-imperialist US was swept up by what ideology?

38. Who helped the Treaty of Paris through the Senate?

39. This act established a Puerto Rican governmental system in 1901 that granted some limited self-government to the Puerto Ricans:

40. What US city did a large number of Puerto Ricans immigrate to after US annexation of the island?

41. How did the US Consitution end up applying to the newly annexed territories of Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico?

42. Which Supreme Court case(s) settled the issue of how the US Constitution and American laws would apply in the newly acquired territories?

43. This US Army pathologist discovered the cause of yellow fever:

44. This 1902 Amendment to the Cuban constitution gave the US the right to have a naval base on the island:

45. What was the name of the US Navy base in Cuba?

46. The Spanish American war did what?

47. What was the name of the conflict between the insurrectos and the Spanish in the 1860s and 1870s?

48. What was the name of Hearst's start newspaper?

49. Who led the Puerto Rican resistance against US domination in Puerto Rico?

50. This "Rough Rider" was nearsighted and wore glasses:

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