Westward Expansion (1807-1912)

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Further Study Review Test

1. Which of the following time periods corresponds to the first major flurry of expansion and the admission of new states?

2. The earliest settlers of what is now the Midwest generally settled along which of the following?

3. Which of the following groups were given land by the federal government?

4. Which of the following groups made up the majority of the earliest settlers in the West?

5. Which of the following best describes the image of the East that most westerners held in the 1820s?

6. Which of the following groups benefited most form Federalist land policy?

7. Which of the following groups presented opposition to land speculators during the 1810s and 1820s?

8. Most farmers who purchased land in the West grew _______.

9. In 1820, what percentage of the nation's cotton was produced in Alabama and Mississippi?

10. Which of the following were reasons for the Panic of 1819?

11. Which of the following was a main result of high land prices?

12. Which of the following groups was hurt the most by the Panic of 1819?

13. Which of the following was a result of the Panic of 1819?

14. Which of the following tribes was not a member of what the Americans called the Five Civilized Tribes?

15. Which of the following played the largest role in the poor treatment of the Indians?

16. The effect of the ruling in Worcester v. Georgia was _______.

17. How much did the US pay for the 190 million acres of land it gained from Indian removal between 1832 and 1837?

18. Which current state most closely approximates the area which the Indians from east of the Mississippi were forced into by removal?

19. What was a main reason that roads were an inefficient method of shipping cargo for trade?

20. Which of the following would have taken the longest to float up the Mississippi?

21. Which of the following eastern cities were two of the first to be connected to the West through railroads?

22. What proportion of United States citizens lived in places with a population of 2,500 or more by 1860?

23. Whish of the following is a main reason that railroads grew quickly during the 1830s and 1840s?

24. When was the Santa Fe Trail first utilized?

25. What was the purpose of the mission system?

26. Which of the following best describes the sentiments of the Mexican government toward the extension of American settlement and trade into the Mexican territories during the 1830s?

27. Which of the following was a cause for Indian hostility toward the Mexican settlers after the dissolution of the mission system?

28. How did Stephen F. Austin first become influential in the development of Texas?

29. In what year did Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna purge his government of liberal leaders?

30. When did Mexico recognize Texan independence, which the Texas Rebellion had claimed as its ultimate goal?

31. What was the biggest complaint American settlers registered about the Mexican government in the period of settlement before 1830?

32. Where did the majority of early settlers in California live?

33. In 1848, which of the following territories contained more American settlers?

34. Which of the following items did travelers to the Far West often overstock?

35. What was the primary reason for the failure of the Donner Party?

36. Which of the following was a reason that some settlers chose to settle in Oregon rather than California?

37. Which of the following was the cornerstone of John Tyler's campaign for the annexation of Texas?

38. What was the main reason that John Tyler's annexation treaty failed in the Senate?

39. Where was Oregon finally divided between the US and Great Britain?

40. Which of the following best describes the sentiments of most proponents of Manifest Destiny?

41. Why did the US win the Mexican War so easily?

42. The Wilmot Proviso favored the interests of which region of the US?

43. Which of the following was a main argument against the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo presented in Congress?

44. Which part of the buffalo, unused by the Native Americans, littered the Great Plains?

45. When did the Indians finally cease resistance to life in reservations?

46. Colonel George Armstrong Custer is best known for which of the following?

47. Which of the following was not a clause in the Compromise of 1850?

48. How much did settlers pay in order to receive 160 acres under the Homestead Act?

49. Which of the following developments is the railroad credited with provoking?

50. Which of the following was one shortcoming of the Homestead Act?

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