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On what Caribbean island does Annie John live?

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What island does Annie John's mother come from?

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What does Annie's father do for a living?

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Who is Annie John's best friend in school?

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What food does Annie hate?

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What does Annie write her essay at school about?

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Who is frequently the dunce in Annie's class?

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What does Annie find her parents doing when she gets home from Sunday school?

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What girl does Annie befriend without telling Gwen?

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Where is Annie going at the end of the novel?

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What is Annie's favorite novel?

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What text does the headmistress make Annie copy as punishment?

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Who comes to take care of Annie when she is sick?

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Whose picture does Annie deface in the history book?

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Annie's illness corresponds with what natural occurrence?

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What item does Annie's mother bring with her from Dominica?

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What happened to Annie's father's parents?

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Who harasses Annie and her mother as they walk back from town?

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What does Annie become an expert at after meeting the Red Girl?

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What thing does Annie not do when she is sick?

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Where does Annie dream of moving?

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Who does Annie walk to school with everyday?

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Where do the girls at school hang out during recess?

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Annie pictures the sadness inside her as which of the following?

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What is Gwen planning to do at the end of the novel?