My Name is Asher Lev

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Important Quotes Explained

Quotes Important Quotes Explained

I saw my mythic ancestor. Come with me, my precious Asher. You and I will walk together through the centuries, each of us for our separate deeds that unbalanced the world.

This is what happens to Asher after he tells his mother that she and his father should come to his show. He has reconciled himself to showing them the crucifixion paintings he has made of his family. This quote represents the way Asher has reconciled the matter to himself. He knows that his act will "unbalance the world." Yet, he sees this act as one that brings him closer to his mythic ancestor, a great man, whom Asher imagines to have also "unbalanced the world." Asher sees himself as something of a mythic figure. He sees his display of art as carrying with it great significance as he expects to "walk…through the centuries."