My Name is Asher Lev

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Important Quotes Explained

Quotes Important Quotes Explained

Wherever I travel now, there is always someone who knows your name. 'Are you the father of Asher Lev, the painter?' they ask me. It's a very strange feeling. Asher Lev, the painter.

Aryeh says this to Asher as they are talking over the Sabbath. This quote shows us where Aryeh has come in his relationship to Asher. It is in the midst of a longer dialogue in which Aryeh is asking Asher about his life as an artist and seems genuinely interested and affectionate. Still, he has not been able to reconcile himself fully to Asher's choice of life. It still seems "strange" to him. This quote also shows the reversal that has taken place in their roles. Throughout the book, Aryeh has been in the spotlight—everyone has called Asher, "the son of Reb Aryeh Lev." Now, however, Aryeh is finally encountering people to whom he is the father of artist Asher Lev.