1. Where is Bel Canto set?

2. Katsumi Hosokawa attends the birthday party because

3. The centerpiece of Roxanne Coss’s repertoire is music from the opera

4. Which characters are in love at the beginning of the novel?

5. How old was Katsumi Hosokawa when he first attended the opera?

6. What did Coss’s accompanist tell Coss on the plane?

7. The president does not attend the party because he

8. Joachim Messner is

9. What does Joachim Messner do when the general tells him to lie down?

10. The first character in the novel to die is

11. The female hostages who have been released look as if they are

12. When he was a businessman in Japan, Tetsuya Kato practiced the piano

13. The generals give Father Arguedas permission to make one phone call so he can

14. Carmen first approaches Gen Watanabe because she wants help

15. Simon Thibault takes a knife from Ishmael

16. Carmen’s greatest skill as a terrorist is her ability to

17. Carmen and Gen Watanabe make love for the first time

18. The young terrorist who most often points a gun at a hostage is

19. General Benjamin is proud of Ishmael for

20. Ruben Iglesias gives General Benjamin

21. After Cesar finishes singing, he

22. Ruben Iglesias dreams that after the siege is over he will

23. When Roxanne Coss sees the government soldiers, she

24. At the end of the novel, Roxanne Coss marries

25. The guests at the wedding are