She had filled me with some previously unimaginable power which I knew I could and would use in my art. The deep causes of the universe, the stars, and the galaxies, the ultimate particles of matter, had fashioned these two things, my love and my art, as aspects of what was ultimately one and the same."

Bradley makes this statement at the beginning of Part Two, just after he has fallen in love with Julian. In it, he links Eros, erotic love, and the ability to create art. The idea that both love and art can provide a sense of truth is a major theme in the book. Only after Bradley experiences love is he be able to break out of his writer's block and create his masterpiece. Even at the end of the novel, he will say that the story is a love story, not simply because he fell in love with Julian but because he was able to touch upon the essential quality of love in the universe which then led to his artistic creation.