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Oscar hoped to become the Dominican version of which science fiction and fantasy author?

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Which of the following is NOT a name of one of Oscar’s crushes?

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Which type of animal appeared to Oscar the night he tried to commit suicide?

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What does Lola’s daughter, Isis, wear around her neck?

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According to Yunior, where did the curse known as fukú come from?

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Why did Yunior decide to move in with Oscar?

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Who likely turned Abelard Cabral into the authorities?

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How did Beli get the severe scars across her back?

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What is the name of the club where Ybón dances?

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What does Lola set on fire in order to defy her mother?

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Why did Jack Pujols’s family consider his sexual relationship with Beli scandalous?

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What initially inspired Oscar’s interest in Ana Obregón?

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What was the cause of Beli’s death?

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What revelation did Oscar’s final letter to Lola contain?

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Who saved Oscar’s life after his first beating in the cane field?

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Why did Lola eventually break up with Yunior?

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Who was the Gangster married to at the time he got Beli pregnant?

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Who or what appeared to Beli following her attack in the cane field?

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Oscar’s dorm room door had a sign on it that was written in what language?

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Why did Oscar try to kill Ana Obregón’s boyfriend, Manny?

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What major historical event occurred while Beli was in the hospital recovering from her attack?

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How did Abelard’s eldest daughter, Jacquelyn, die?

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What age was Beli when La Inca rescued her?

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Who helped Beli after the attack on her in the cane field?

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What type of business did La Inca run?