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1Who owned the leather jacket Katniss changes out of when she leaves the woods at the beginning of the story?

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2What’s the name of the illegal market in District 12 where Katniss often goes to buy and sell things?

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3What does President Snow smell like to Katniss?

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4Whom does President Snow tell Katniss she has to convince of her love for Peeta?

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5What does everyone in District 12 lie and say Gale is in relation to Katniss?

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6What does the old man in District 11 do before everyone in the audience puts up the gesture of respect used in District 12?

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7What does Katniss see the Peackeepers do to the old man?

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8What does Plutarch Heavensbee tell Katniss as he shows her his watch during the feast at President Snow’s mansion?

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9What does Katniss accidentally see a broadcast about on the television in Mayor Undersee’s house?

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10What does Katniss want her family, Haymitch, Gale, and Peeta to do with her?

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11What does the refugee woman in the woods hold out to Katniss that has a mockingjay stamped on it?

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12What is Katniss surprised to find when she tries to return home from the woods after meeting the refugee women?

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13What does Katniss realize about Gale after Madge brings the pain medication for him?

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14What is the special condition of that year’s Quarter Quell that President Snow announces on television?

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15What does Finnick Odair tell Katniss people pay him with for the pleasure of his company?

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16In training, whom does Katniss decide she wants to create an alliance with?

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17What does Peeta do during his private demonstration for the Gamemakers in training?

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18When Katniss and Finnick come face-to-face at the Cornucopia as the Games begin, what does Finnick do?

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19What does Finnick do when Peeta’s heart stops after Peeta is shocked by the force field?

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20What does Katniss realize about the arena?

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21How does Wiress die?

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22Whom does Katniss realize all the tributes are trying to save?

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23How does Beetee suggest they try to kill the remaining tributes?

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24What does Johanna do after she hits Katniss in the head and knocks her nearly unconscious?

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25What does Gale say about District 12 when Katniss wakes up and sees him?