Jack, the proprietor of Jack's Hobby Shop, showed John an exquisitely detailed model that Frank constructed. How does this model serve as a metaphor for Frank's careless, indifferent, irresponsible attitude toward the real world? How does it serve as a metaphor for John's careless, indifferent attitude toward San Lorenzo?

How do Hazel and Lowe illustrate the irrational grouping behaviors of human beings?

Why are the Hundred Martyrs to Democracy ironic?

How does Vonnegut satirize the human will to power in Cat's Cradle?

What does Mona symbolize about the human character?

What is the essential difference between Julian and Bokonon's philosophies of life?

How does Vonnegut satirize humanity's obsession with the "truth?" Why does he satirize it? Why does he think it is dangerous?